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This website is a single-page application, meaning it requires Javascript even for basic functionality. I am strongly against the useless proliferation and even abuse of Javascript in recent years, but still believe Javascript can be the right choice if used correctly.

I strive to only use as little Javascript as humanly possible. If you are paranoid or just curious, feel free to take a look at the source before enabling Javascript on this website, and also please do send complaints or suggestions on my Github.




About PrettySearch

PrettySearch is a search engine portal.
Its purpose is to recreate the pretty interface of Bing, with the nice photos in the background, without tying you to Microsoft.
You can choose your favourite search engine and your favourite photo in the preferences.

This website is hosted and developed by Jacopo. You can have a look at the source and contribute on GitHub

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Jacopo Cassinis - Sori (Italy)

I do not collect any data and logs are anonymized. This website uses no cookies. Preferences are saved via HTML5 Web Storage and are never sent to any server.
When clicking "Search", you send your search query to the search engine of your choice, so you should read their privacy policy for further information.